Monday, July 2, 2007

Unemployed Nanny

When it comes to some things, like telling Madhubby exactly how I feel, I can be quite aggressive, but when it comes to other things, like firing Summer Nanny, I'm a wee bit passive aggressive. Okay, more than a wee bit. I've told Summer Nanny we don't need her this week. I neglected to tell her we don't need her again. Ever.

Last week, I complained. I thought maybe I was being unreasonable. Things seemed better the second day. I took a chance on a third day. She sat the kids in front of PS2 and surfed MySpace after she let my toddler wander the playground by himself. I'm not a helicopter parent but I do think it's important to at least be near the child just in case they miss a rung on the ladder. He's two and not all that adept at climbing on playground equipment. Olie or Lizzie obviously get a longer tether. Also, I was raised to think "the bad guy is always watching," so that has influenced my parenting. Summer Nanny may lose sight of Bubba as he ducks behind a tree but the "bad guy" might take that same opportunity to snatch him up.

I could overlook Summer Nanny's internet use (though it was most certainly not appreciated) but her playground operating distance is her real undoing. She knows her playground operating distance was unacceptable because as soon as she saw me biking by (I was coming home from the library), she immediately hopped up and went looking for Bubba. Not good. I was always suspicious that she took her purse to the playground and, though my suspicions are unfounded, I did see her TMing on at least one occasion when she thought I wasn't looking. How do I know she wasn't TMing while she's supposed to be nannying? I don't. That's the point. I don't trust her so I've got to let her go. Back to the drawing board.


PT-LawMom said...

These details are even more nightmarish than those you mentioned last week. Yuck! I would be straight with her, though. I know - I have the same passive-aggressive tendency. Maybe she'll get the hint. But she could be looking for another job instead of assuming you'll need her again next week. In the ideal world, you should tell her exactly why she's fired. In passive-aggressive world, I'd probably just tell her you can't afford it after all or you'll now be home all the time and won't need someone.

LawSchoolMom said...

I SHOULD tell her. This week is an 'off' week anyway because of the holiday and my mother is coming to visit for ten days, so I really don't need her this week. Well, I did need her for Friday but she told me (at the last minute) that she's headed to Cheer Camp and won't be back until Monday night.

She plans to come in on June 11th, so I'll talk with her then. Ugh.