Friday, July 6, 2007

500 Miles

My mother flew into town on Tuesday and I've just now had a chance to sit and blog. I have been her personal chauffeur since she arrived in Denver and it's been very, very frustrating.

She's been looking for THE PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE, which for a nit-picky person like herself does not exist. Unfortunately, I have been her reluctant partner in crime. We drive to hell, then to creation, then back to hell. Hell is too hot and creation isn't hot enough and - now - all her neurotic waffling has me tearing my hair out and biting my tongue until it bleeds. Rentals in Colorado do not cost $450 per month I want to yell. Instead, I say: This place is nicer than the last and I cross my fingers that she'll look past the peeling paint, the dirty carpet and the window a/c unit. My prayers always go unanswered and its back in the car to the next place.

Then, two days ago while leaving one rental, we saw another rental just down the row. So, we stopped. And we called. And we went to see it. She loved it. She said she would take it. Then, this morning I've been thinking...and she listed all the reasons why she did NOT love it. I cringed because it meant more driving and more viewings and I just can't do it anymore. I am tired of driving, of doing u-turns, of cajoling and convincing and coddling. I am headed for a second fuel up - nearly 800 miles of driving - and THE PERFECT PLACE has yet to be found. But finally, we're down to two choices and tomorrow a lease will be signed. Tomorrow, it's time to piss or get off the pot.

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