Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finding Our Groove

This week has been stuffed with meetings and projects (there is some work-related travel in my future) and back-to-school shopping. The girls have both been outfitted with the latest fashions from the mall and from my favorite consignment shop. Haircuts are scheduled for Sunday. Monday is Teacher Meet & Greet at Olie's school, Bubba starts preschool on Tuesday and on Thursday, I will officially have a middle-schooler.

I've also managed to squeeze in some vigorous hiking with mom, which has been really fun and a great supplement to running, which I've all but given up, anyway. Running for the sake of running is boring. Running after a tennis ball. Fun. Running after a frisbee. Fun. Running for no good reason. Boring. At least with hiking, the children go with me (Bubba in the backpack carrier) and we all get a good workout while enjoying some terrific mountain views.

So, we're finding a rhythm. Preparing for the school year and enjoying these last few weeks of summer. Soon, I'll get around to watching the dvd (maybe tonight) and post a review. First, I just need to rest awhile and enjoy a good cuppa tea.


C said...

Yes, running is boring. I hate it! Which doesn't explain why I am doing a half marathon up Pike's Peak. I'm never doing it again, that's for damn sure.

Good luck w/ your middle schooler. I'll have a few beers for you.

LawSchoolMom said...

A half marathon UP Pikes Peak? Craziness. Good luck with that. I'll have a beer for you.