Monday, August 6, 2007

Brown and Out

It's no secret that brown people are low on the pecking order. Social issues that disproportionately affect people of color - immigration and poverty - are all given lip service by our nation's leaders. Now, we can add another category of people who ignore minorities: PR people.

CityMama is hip to it. So am I...sort of. I read dooce but, c'mon,we both know it's not her stupid pet tricks that have advertisers drooling at her feet, begging her to hawk their products. It's her devout love of all things Mormon that has media outlets burning up her bandwidth. By her own admission, she's not even remotely funny.

I'm no dooce or CityMama, but I do have stat envy. So, when the good folks at Scholastic approached me (a minority!!) about reviewing a children's television program, I chucked Citymama's advice about requesting a fee and did a gut check: do I feel good enough about the product to pass it along to my friends? Yes, yes I do. So, later this week, there may be a post a little out of the ordinary. You can read it or you ignore it but, rest assured, whatever I write will be the honest-to-goodness, unpaid, truth.

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PT-LawMom said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read your review. :)