Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day, It's a Holiday

Labor Day weekend in Colorado is SO MUCH FUN. A Taste of Colorado kicks off the weekend with performances by old school rockers, Survivor and Night Ranger. There are street fairs and other community events to attend as well, but the highlight of the weekend for us is the CU-CSU football game (Go BUFFS!).

In-state rivals go head to head at Invesco field for bragging rights. The competition is INTENSE and some of the t-shirts - like the one that says "CSU Always Blows the Game" under a picture of a Buffalo (the CU mascot) getting a beejay from a Ram (the CSU mascot) - are not appropriate attire for Olie's U6 soccer game. I have a G-rated shirt but I pretty much think CSU blows, too.

Fight CU down the field,
CU must win
Fight, fight for victory
CU knows no defeat
We'll roll up a mighty score
Never give in
Shoulder to shoulder
We will fight, fight
Fight, fight, fight!

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