Friday, August 24, 2007

LawSchoolMom Wisdom #167

If possible, parents should have their school-aged child attend school in the neighborhood in which they live because inevitably the child will forget his or her Literature, French, and Math homework, usually on the same day, despite repeated reminders by a well-meaning parent to "pack your backpack."

The forgetful child will then urgently text their parent about the missing assignments - once...twice...thrice - while the parent frequently exceeds the speed limit*, and curses at slow motorists cruising in the left lane, during the 10 mile round trip home to retrieve the forgotten homework and deliver it to their forgetful child before the end of first period.

*Fast driving prior to tea time may also cause a lapse in judgment leading to the hasty acceptance of party invitations.


Shelley said...

A friend of mine gives each kid one "freebie" trip like that, then bills for her time and gas money out of their allowance for subsequent trips. It seems to work!

LawSchoolMom said...

LOVE IT! We're putting this plan into action. Thanks for the tip!