Friday, September 7, 2007

Organizational Skills for the Chronically Disorganized

Lizzie attended the first meeting of Organization club this morning. It's a school club whose goal is to help middle-schoolers get and keep their lockers and backpacks organized. The school counselor provides the kids with a few strategies and it's up to the child to choose a strategy that fits their lifestyle and go with it. It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing which I really like because we tend to march to our own bagpipes in this house.

The only problem with the club is the 8am meeting time, which requires us to leave home no later than 7:30am, which is not a huge problem if everyone has their stuff packed and ready to go by 7:25am. However, getting out of the house on time has always been a problem for us. We left home at 7:35 and arrived at Lizzie's school slightly before 8am. It was a close call and I'm sure we made it only because I didn't take time to brew a second cup of tea this morning.

But we got there and we got there on time, too. All is well, right? Whatever. This is my family we're talking about here. Okay, I tell Lizzie after handing her the money for her field trip, stick this in your accordion file with your other school papers. Good idea except her accordion file, with all of her homework, is at home on the homework table along with her math notebook. Did I mention she had a math test today that was open notebook? No? Well, she did. Generally, I think if a teacher says an exam is open notes, it's pretty handy to actually have the notes with you. Honestly, I'm out of ideas short of tying a string around her head, so I really, really hope the Organization club gave her some better solutions.

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