Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Already Know How to Read

So, I have this Professor, we'll call him Professor Lovejoy, who sent me a kind e-mail the other day inquiring whether I was still enrolled in his class. See, I haven't been to his class in awhile and he was concerned about my future exam performance. In short, he doesn't think I have a snowball's chance of passing. I disagree. In some classes, my attendance matters. In Professor Lovejoy's class - not so much.

Professor Lovejoy's preferred teaching method is via PowerPoint slides. From which he reads. And which he makes available on the class website. So, I ask, what's my motivation for attending class? Yesterday, there wasn't any. Today, it's the threat of a failing grade. I officially hate Professor Lovejoy and his stupid PowerPoint-led class.


Proto Attorney said...

That's essentially my tax class right there -- pointless. All we do is go over the problems in the book. Everyone has a copy of the answers, passed down for several generations, since it's the same book every year (the other tax professor wrote it). So I use class time to catch up on my Facebooking.

MollyB, Bloggerin said...

If any of the grade is subjective ... sounds like Killjoy grades facetime.