Saturday, October 27, 2007


Life continues at a feverish pace, which means I have little time for fun, extracurricular stuff - like blogging - but you guys are out there and you check in daily, so I feel the need to oblige you in some way, however pedestrian that way may be. Right now my blogging is imperfect and hampered by all the noise in my head - much like my search for the perfect costume - so bullets is the best I can do. Substantive posts to follow.
  • Lizzie has A's in every class except Math (89.44%) and Orchestra (89.66%). She easily made Honor Roll. I think we've got this middle school thing covered.
  • Olie's reading level is an L, which doesn't mean anything, unless you know that in order to pass 1st Grade, her reading level only needs to be a G.
  • Work is very, very slow. I either need more work or more money. Both would be ok.
  • Law school still sucks

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