Saturday, November 3, 2007

Heathers in Real Life

Halloween is a great time of the year because it really gives us parents a sense of who the good kids in the neighborhood are and who are the bad seeds. Like the two girls down the street - Hannah and Sarah - they are bitches. I can say this because I am a mom who, when I was younger, was part of a big clique that made it very obvious which girls belonged and which girls didn't. I apologize if you had the unfortunate luck to attend school with me because we were pretty brutal to the girls we deemed unworthy.

Fast forward fifteen years. On Halloween, Hannah, Sarah, and Sadie came to our door, candy buckets brazenly extended. Then, ever so sweetly:"We haven't seen Lizzie in awhile." Well maybe it's because you were such cliquey bitches to her last year that we decided to change schools to escape your evil, Heather-ish ways. I dunno. It's just a guess.

So, today Madhubby and I were out in the yard raking leaves for the third time this week, when HSS strolled by. I waved and said Hi, girls because I thought they were coming to see Lizzie. Yeah, whatever. They ignored me and kept on strolling towards the park. Can you believe that sh*t? Okay, being an eleven-year-old girl is hard, but being the parent of an eleven-year-old girl who has to deal with cliquey girls is even harder.

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