Monday, December 17, 2007

Yet Another Exam Recap

I always get a bit frazzled around finals time. I know a lot of other people do, too, but I get crazy in a maybe I just won't show up for my final exam kind of way. Of course I always do show up, but for a split-second, or a few days really, I just want to check out, but most finals are never as difficult as I think they are going to be. This term, they were slightly harder only because the subject matter was - well - mushier; I tend to do better with code based exams.

Basic Criminal Procedure: Moderately difficult. The hardest part of the exam was confining the long essay answer to 850 words. No easy feat that but I managed to land exactly on 850 words. I think my classmates were having problems, too because nearly all of them were still furiously typing after two hours and fifty minutes (our exam period is only three hours).

Property: Easy. A 1L class that I skipped. Very typical multiple choice section followed by one essay questions. No word limits. Open everything (books, notes, supplements). I think I spotted all the issues.

Poverty Law: Frightening. I expected a difficult exam because eight-hour take home exams are inherently difficult. I didn't expect my professor to ask us to draft a majority opinion, a concurring opinion, and one (or more) dissenting opinions - on the first question. The second question was a synthesis question, which was a bit tricky too, since she'd told us many times during the semester there was really no way to read the cases together. Naturally, there were word limits. I think I did well, but I thought I wrote an 'A' paper for her class last semester, too, and we all know how that turned out. This term, I'm just hoping the curve is kind to me.

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