Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As of today, I have attended all my spring classes and they don't suck too much. Three of my four courses have mandatory attendance requirements which, for a rebel like me, is an invitation to cut class. The way I see it, missing class is my personal prerogative. Especially when I'm the one paying for the class. And if you are the kind of suck-ass professor who uses PowerPoints and videos to teach class, then your class really isn't worth my time anyway. Oh, that's right, I need your stupid class to graduate. Honestly, I think the administration purposefully chooses PowerPoint-inspired professors to teach required classes as a way of torturing law students. As if law school isn't torture enough.

The only bright lights, in what is sure to be a dull semester, are my two seminar classes. Each compliments the other and both use my favorite testing method: paper. I heart "paper" classes and I will take as many as I possibly can because I love them and they help buoy my GPA.

Unfortunately, I think the law school is on to those of us who embrace the "paper" class. I recently learned classes of ten or less students (used to be twenty) are subject to the mandatory curve. So seminar classes that were an easy B+ are a thing of the past. Some people will get B-pluses, but many more will get B's.

Still, I usually know I will get some sort of B when I take a paper class, unlike when I take [class omitted to protect my anonymity] with a professor who awards TWENTY participation points to his favorite students. I was not one of his favorite students and I finished well out of the curve in that class. Of course I will challenge the grade and of course I will lose because - repeat after me - it's law school and no one gives a sh*t what I think.

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Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'm also a 3 L Mom. I hate paper classes. I also hate finals classes. Really, at this point, I just hate classes.

Oh - and as for your Powerpoint comment? You're SO RIGHT! Powerpoint is a total cop-out. The worst is when the professor feels some sort of inane obligation to "finish all the slides" because s/he prepared them. As though that means we have to see all of them during that class period! I HATE that - there's 400 slides left and 10 minutes, but the professor says "we have to get through all of them!"

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