Friday, January 11, 2008

House of Crazy

This past week had been moving along quite nicely until today. We did fun stuff with the children, we went skiing, and we spent a lot of money. All markers of a fun vacation in my book. Then, this morning, Madhubby had this wonderful idea to keep the children home from school. We'll spend all day with them, he said. Um...yeah, I already spend 99% of my time with the children so I wasn't exactly jonesing to take them out of school just to spend even more time with them. I know! Crazy, selfish mommy over here!

But, it is Madhubby's vacation, so I went along with his crazy plan knowing all along that we would have a positively miserable day. And we did. The kids behaved in their usual fashion. They screamed at each other and us, forgot their manners and generally annoyed each other to no end. They were like animals loosed from their pens, rushing here and there, leaving havoc in their wake. Strips of beef jerky did not placate them. By two o'clock, Madhubby and I both knew he was definitely not getting lucky tonight.

See, today was also the last day of my vacation and I really needed to spend it relaxing, recharging, and mentally preparing for the next sixteen weeks of hell. I managed to buy my textbooks, so I'm not completely unprepared for school, but I didn't do anything else. I didn't go to the gym or get a massage or do anything to ease my nerves about the upcoming semester. So, today kind of sucked. Yes, I married a man who loves to spend time with his family, and I feel as blessed as any pagan can, but today I just wanted it to be about us. And, no, I don't think that's selfish at all.

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