Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year. Same Path.

Life in our household is still plodding along at a confident, measured pace. January 1st ushered in no new surprises, no bold pronouncements or promises for 2008. We still live our lives, as we have always done, according to the plan we have set in place.

I have some personal aspirations: spend more time with friends, attend more baseball games, ski more, become more organized, work more efficiently, and really, really try to like the cat. I feel good about all my aspirations and see them as attainable. Well, all except that last one. A little revision then: I will try to think of the cat as a sentient being with feelings rather than a lazy, useless, mewing mass of skin and fur.

New Year's Eve would have been better if we weren't all leveled by a nasty cold, but in a family with three children and two adults we are all either ill, about to be ill, or recovering from an illness. It's unavoidable unless we seal ourselves off from the world, which is impossible to do considering our dependence on the monetary subsistence meted out by Madhubby's company. Madhubby, Bubba and I are still ill, medicating at regular six-hour intervals, but the girls are both happy and well and leading their American Girl dolls - Kaya and Addy - in inspired play punctuated by skating outings and trips to the mall.

The upcoming year, though, is not without a few, planned changes. I will finally finish law school after so many stops and starts. Whether I will practice law or follow my dream and launch a restaurant is a subject I will revisit next new year. We will probably sell our house and move within biking distance to the girls' school. And this blog will change, too. A new name and a new blogging template are all in order.

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