Friday, January 4, 2008


Sometimes my law school really rocks.  Okay, it doesn't actually rock, but sometimes it does suck less than normal. Other times, it's quite clear why many students have vowed never to donate any money to the alumni association.  A class schedule tailored to offer more "bar" classes, dismal class offerings for evening students, and an administration that regards students as little more than tuition checks all contribute to the unhappiness.   

Adjunct faculty is another hotly debated topic at my school.  Several years ago, the class schedule was packed with classes taught by adjuncts.  Students rebelled via unfavorable faculty evaluations. The number of adjuncts was reduced, but lately their numbers have been on the rise again.  I stayed clear of the fracas.  What do I care if my Criminal Procedure class is taught by a law professor or a defense attorney?  Personally, I think practicing attorneys have more knowledge than strict academics; both make good teachers. 

But when I spend ridiculous amounts of time reading faculty evaluations, picking classes, and registering for classes until I have the perfect, family-friendly schedule only to have a class cancelled because the adjunct has a "trial opportunity too good to pass up," my semester gets screwed up really fast and, yeah, I start to feel some hostility toward adjuncts.  No, I can't just add a class.  Yes, I have already explored all the other class options and the classes I chose fit perfectly around the girls' school schedule.  Then I remember, oh yeah, I'm in law school, and presumed to not have a life outside of class, so no one really gives a sh*t.  

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Proto Attorney said...

That's complete crap. They should at least find someone else to teach the course.