Monday, February 4, 2008

Lost Momentum

Help! I've lost my momentum and I don't know where it went!  I am one semester away from finishing the J.D.  One semester, but most days I just feel like stopping and quietly walking away from it all.  

Every day is a struggle.  Not just class days, though those days are especially hard with getting four people out of bed and out the door by 7:30am, but all the other days in between, too. Sometimes, on class days, breakfast is oatmeal in plastic to-go cups (what?!  I'm not paying $2 for the "official" Oatmeal To-Go.  That's just crazy!).  Sometimes breakfast is missed entirely,* but not too often that social services needs to get involved.  

Non-class days are hectic because those are my make-up days when I catch up on class reading, go to the gym, clean the house, chat with friends, and generally try to pretend law school isn't sucking the fun out of my life.  Weekends are also out of control because in addition to all that other stuff I try to do, I actually want to spend time with my family, too.  

And, of course it's birthday season.  Though, I guess every month is really birthday season, but it seems lately we spend our weekends shopping for birthday gifts and/or attending birthday parties. Just this past Saturday we were away from home the entire day because Olie had back-to-back birthday parties for which we had not done a lick of shopping, thus requiring us to spend more time at the mall than any young family should.  
So even my weekends are workdays and I'm miserable.  I'm tired all the time, whiny (obviously), and constrained by mandatory attendance requirements, which means the snow day I took today was done with some trepidation and the knowledge that in ten weeks time, I will be sitting in a classroom staring longingly out the window at my classmates who saved their absences for warm, sunny days instead of cold, dreary ones.  

*Yes, I know all about the link between breakfast and kids' school performance, which is why I keep plastic cups on hand in the first place. 

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PT-LawMom said...

:( Hope you find some motivation.