Thursday, February 14, 2008

Three Strikes

I just may be in the market for a new laptop. Remember when I doused my iBook in tea? Yeah, good times. Oh! And let's not forget that time the logic board quietly died and I lost my freaking mind (in addition to $300 bucks).

Well, three days ago my hard drive finally went to its grave, clicking and grinding all the way. I managed to save all my pictures and my current class notes, but all my notes from the past three years, work projects, iTunes files, and other important data are gone, baby, gone. I am secretly holding out hope that the geniuses in California, who will fix my computer, are smarter than the geniuses here, in Colorado, and can miraculously coax my data from the dead hard drive.

But first, the Colorado geniuses need to step down off their heavenly pedestal and send my damn computer to the depot for repair, which as of today THEY HAVE NOT DONE. Do they know I am a law student at the end of her tether? Really, it's a good thing I had not started writing my seminar papers or The Apple Store would have one angry black woman on their hands.

At this point, I have spent $900 to repair my three-year-old iBook and I'm pissed because I could have bought a piece of shit Dell for less than $900. Instead, I chose to spend $1500 on an iBook because I love Apple computers and I thought Macs were reliable but, now, I'm not so sure.

When my iBook crapped out this time around, Madhubby suggested I upgrade to a MacBook because - well - I need a laptop and my birthday is soon, so it gets him off the hook for a gift. But, I'm worried. I don't want to spend another $1500 for a sub-par product. I mean, yeah, I'm loyal, but - shit - at some point spending more money on a product I can get for $600 less, which may work just as well as the more expensive version, really doesn't make sense. Does it?


Dave! said...

They all fail... I've owned Dell's and Toshibas that have bit the dust in similar, spectacular fashions. And most recently, the Dell that I recommended my *mother* buy flamed out--still under warranty--and was a *nightmare* to get fixed.

If you do decide to stay with Apple (I switched myself last year from PCs back to Macs) I would say two words: Apple Care.

Yes, it's an extended warranty, which usually I embrace with all the enthusiasm of snuggling a badger, but with laptops--that are delicate by nature, it often proves worth it. Especially considering Apple repair charges!

Good luck... losing data sucks.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do don't buy a HP. My HP computer's harddrive failed AFTER 3 MONTHS. I spent 2 hours in phone center hell trying to get my HP fixed. The Indian call center was bad. They keep placing me on hold and into call center menus. I got so mad I yelled, out of character for me, to speak to a manager. The experience was so bad that I will not voluntarily buy an HP again.

As a side note, the OS Windows VIsta Premium Edition; "piece of junk" to be polite.