Thursday, March 27, 2008

End of the Salad Days

In the opening scenes of Raising Arizona, H.I. McDunnough waxes poetic about "Salad Days." The phrase "Salad Days" actually dates back to the period of the Romans and refers to a time of youth, innocence, and inexperience.  My Salad Days officially ended when I began law school and now each break from that circle of hell is a heady reprieve.  

Last week was Spring Break and it was a leisurely break spent taking walks, watching NCAA basketball, and exploring new, soon-to-be favorite haunts.  I did almost no law school work and it was pure bliss. 

Then came Sunday night, with the realization that I had to return to school Monday morning, and I asked myself why?  Why did I stay in law school? Why, after I took an eighteen month maternity break, did I return to this place for which I harbor so much oft expressed hatred?! I should have stayed away - permanently relinquished my place in the class. Instead, I willingly returned to law school! I heralded the end to my own Salad Days. What the hell is wrong with me?!


Dee said...

Girl at least you are not facing your winter years. This post would be perfect for my blog carnival, please consider submitting it here Moms in the Law as we reach out to other moms in the law.

Proto Attorney said...

Maybe because otherwise you would have already suffered so much for nothing. That's what keeps me going. That and the student loans I've already piled up.