Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Flying Chair

Last night, while flipping through channels, Madhubby and I landed on ABC where Super Nanny was in full-on savior mode. Now, we don't usually watch Super Nanny, but Criminal Minds was a rerun and we are out of LHOP DVDs to watch (that's Little House on the Prairie for the uninitiated). You bet we own the first four seasons on DVD and we watch that shit religiously.

But, SN was interesting to me because one of the woman's seven children* has ADHD and, as you know, I think my little angel, Olie, also has ADHD. We haven't had her "officially" diagnosed because - really - there is no point because we're not going to medicate her and a good child psychologist already gave us some coping strategies that work very well for us.

That momma on SN surely could have used some of the skills we have learned, because when her son got emotional and started throwing FURNITURE, she sent him to his room. Now, I am no parenting expert, but if my kid was so angry that he was throwing FURNITURE I would not send him into a room with my toddler where he could throw more furniture and hit the baby! That's just stupid, but so is having seven kids in ten years, then acting like you have no freakin' clue why your house is a zoo.

*Me: Do you think she's Mormon? MH: Yeah, I think she's a moron.

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Hyphen Mama said...

I saw that show and thought "HELLO... who's gonna save the baby in the crib while he's throwing a chair at the crib?" And what's with the 7 kids in 10 years? It seemed odd that she said several times how her husband really wanted it this way and that way. Um, do you have a voice? Did all hell break lose only after the 7th kid came? Did they not realize what they were in for long about child #5?