Sunday, April 20, 2008


We had a great family day for Madhubby's 37th birthday.  I awoke early and squeezed in a morning yoga session before the house began bustling with activity.  A quick trip to Target to get one last gift (where I saw my mother!), a homemade breakfast for my kids and hubby, and a whole lot of time spent out of doors made for a fabulous day. 

Really, we spent ALL DAY outside.  I mowed the front lawn and grilled up some lunch while hubby installed basement window well covers, to keep the spring rains from coming inside this year, and the kids happily played whatever game suited their fancy.  A quick reprieve from the sun (no naps, unfortunately) and we were back outside biking on local trails and through open space alongside our neighbors.  

Now we're back home but still busy, busy, busy.  Madhubby is giving the kiddos a bath, then it's bedtime for them and playtime for the adults. 

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Hyphen Mama said...

Yesterday was just perfect, wasn't it? I was so happy to play outside, too.