Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We are old school around here.  We don't have cable tv, which means we don't have DVR or TIVO or any other high tech acronym recording device. We have a VCR and a box of mostly blank tapes. 

Madhubby: I need a tape.  Hurry!  The Biggest Loser is on.

Me:  I can't find one.  Here you go - oh, wait!  This tape is the Party of Five season finale.

Madhubby:  Give it here.  We can record over that.

Me: SHUT UP!   That is so not funny.  
Anyone else out there totally lose their shit over Party of Five?  Every time I watch Matthew Fox on Lost, I think about him as Charlie with Skeletor Kirstin and how they tried forever to have a baby and then finally....well, you know what happened.  Oh!  And don't even get me started on the whole Julia/Griffin/Justin story line because - seriously - we could be here all night.  

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EatPlayLove said...

Not a Party of Five fan, but I was bummed to miss the season finale of Biggest Loser. I would watch it every now and then and was SUPER impressed by them!

There's nothing better than sitting on the couch, watching people work so darn hard.