Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lucky Streak

I never win ANYTHING.  Being voted "Most Likely to be a Teen Mom" doesn't count.  And the six tickets I won to a Sawyer Brown concert, which happened rain or shine (f*cking rain!) in 1992 don't count either.  Those guys ROCKED, but if you tell anyone I like country music, I will so not be your friend anymore.   

Since I'm a bit of a loser when it comes to contests, you can imagine how surprised I was to win TWO tickets to tomorrow's Rockies home opener.  Yep, I won despite dialing the radio station's number while navigating rush hour traffic in an area with spotty cell signal.  Sure, I could have crashed my car or - worse - crashed my car and have been caller number sorry-you-didn't-win-this-time.  But neither of those unhappy events came to pass and, tomorrow, I'm going to the game. Go ROCKIES!  


Dr. Leah - Transformation Revolution said...

Congratulations on your great win! (And avoiding bodily injury all the while :-))

EatPlayLove said...

How awesome, I never win anything..glad to hear someone does! Poor Rox..

Anonymous said...

Great, congrats on the win!