Friday, May 2, 2008

Dry Sheets

It is almost too good to be true, and to write it here may render it a complete fiction by this afternoon, but I'm going to type it anyway: Bubba is completely toilet trained.  He has been completely dry the past three mornings and two nap times!  I am still not quite ready to put him in underwear at bedtime (he wears skivvies for naps), but we are nearly there after only 38 months of life and one year of relaxed toilet learning.  

Honestly, I was getting very frustrated with him, and the whole toilet learning/potty training process, because this fall, when Bubba is at a real preschool and not at the crappy, generic franchise place down the street where staffing changes on a daily basis, he has to be "toilet independent." Basically, no pull-ups or diapers allowed. 

Nap time was our last big hurdle to independence and we've nearly got it whipped. I think when we run out of overnight underwear this time around, we'll just play it by ear, and hope for dry sheets.  


sorel top said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone with toilet training boys - mine took that long too. Some spiderman underpants as a reward encouraged him to stay dry and keep them clean. Good luck!!

Rayne of Terror said...

Us too! We've had dry sheets for 2 weeks now.