Friday, May 2, 2008

The Obligatory Finals Post

I have two exams and two papers this finals period.  Both papers have been written - one will be submitted today - and I am awaiting "extensive comments" from my professor before submitting the final draft of another paper; I have two weeks after receiving comments to submit my final draft to complete my upper-level-writing requirement.  

Environmental Law and Evidence are both exam classes.  Enviro is complicated, but regulatory so it's simply matter of studying the regulations, Cooperative Federalism, and the evolution of Environmental Law.  If I get the same grade on the final exam that I got on the midterm, then I will do just fine. 

Evidence is tricky flat-out sucks.  So this weekend, my Evidence E&E and I are going to find a well-lit room, with no internet access, and get to know each other.  It should be an awesome time.  



Rayne of Terror said...

I'm pretty sure I DID talk about the lonliness of law school, how being the primary parent sucked in a lot of ways, but all of us will have to work and I think that breeds reserve instead of diclosure. I know I have a huge chip on my shoulder about law school dads but never wrote about it on purpose.

LawSchoolMom said...

HA! A post about law school dads would be excellent if you're thinking what I'm thinking about them.

I think you can and should write about most anything. I feel blogs are a cathartic and relatively anonymous space (so far at least) where I can actually write the things I think, but wouldn't dare say, in real life.