Saturday, May 31, 2008

Operation: Dinner In (April & May Recap)

Groceries: $451.33
Dining: $534.46

Groceries: $576.46
Dining: $419.31

Our April grocery spending decreased about 15% and our dining expenses about 9%. But, this month has seen 22%+ in our grocery costs. Without analysis, these numbers would make no sense.

In April, I shopped primarily at Super Target and Super Wal-Mart. I have almost completely stopped shopping at the King Soopers/Kroger near my house because their prices are consistently higher than Super Target and Whole Foods (for comparable organic items).

This month, I went back to Whole Foods specifically for the organic meats and fruits that we crave during the summer months. Last weekend, we grilled Buffalo bratwurst, which is a specialty item neither Super Target nor Soopers carries. Surprisingly, the price was no higher than a package of the name brand bratwurst.

I fully expect our food costs to climb over the summer because we love a good steak, fresh salmon, and we are fresh fruit junkies; I rarely think twice about spending $10 for a package of pre-cut fruit to snack on in the car. Add in trips to the Farmers Market where the prices are higher than WFM (I paid $6.20 for a basket of cherry tomatoes!), but where we go anyway for the atmosphere and to support local farmers, and you can see how our grocery costs quickly get out of hand.

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WC law mom said...

I totally am with you on the food choices. I don't think twice about spending for quality fresh fruits, fish and meats... I know my grocery bill is unbelievably outrageous as a result, but there are so few extravangances(sp?) in my life that I do it anyway.