Saturday, May 10, 2008

Science Matters

We spent all day in a nearby town participating in the Junior Solar Sprint and Fuel Cell Competition where Lizzie's team did very well racing their Hydrogen car.  It was great fun spending time with other families from across our state who were just as stoked about giving up their Saturday for a nerdy, scientific event.  The kids had lots of fun and were all really good sports despite the long day spent inside a high school gym.  I also think it's pretty cool that Lizzie now has an itsy-bitsy resume bullet and she's only eleven years old!  Plus, she got a really cool t-shirt and a fun heat-activated pencil.  All fun and interesting stuff for her mom who is newly interested in Renewable Energy and such.  

I feel so lucky to be a part of our public school system!  I am constantly amazed by the excellent education my children receive and I am so thankful for our middle school staff because they are really committed to providing excellent educational opportunities to students and creating a genuinely inclusive school community.  Only one other middle school from our town participated in the competition, which means a lot of those other kids probably aren't even studying renewable energy in their schools.  It could be a funding issue, but our projects were grant funded so the money is out there for those other kids, too.  

Oh, and my evidence final went ok.  I have no idea how I did but the main thing is it's over and I am pretty sure I didn't fail.  On to Enviro Law and my relatively compact (eleven pages), but nearly complete, seminar paper.  Then, one week of break before summer term starts.  

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