Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hottest Ticket in Town: Obama at Invesco Field

I am not an Obama supporter. I am not even a registered Democrat, but I do know history in the making when I see it, which is why I will be vying for one of the community credentials to see Obama's nomination acceptance speech at Invesco Field.

For months I've been blocking out the Democratic National Convention. I have pretended as though my city will not be besieged in a few weeks by enough people to populate a small country. I (mostly) ignore listings on Craigslists from owners who are offering their homes as weekly rentals for thousands of dollars. I DO think about posting my own home, taking the cash, and going on vacation to somewhere tropical for that week.

I won't take the cash and run. I'll stay home, venture downtown to people-watch, take the kids to the parades, and maybe (hopefully), on the last night of the convention, I'll find myself smack-dab in the middle of a crowd of Obamaniacs.


Daisy said...

My teen claims to hate politics, and keeps asking why I'm watching CNN so often. I remind him we're watching history being made. My daughter (21) attended an obama town meeting nearby. He has her vote now; she says he was awesome.

LawSchoolMom said...

There is no question that Obama is an engaging speaker. I can see why so many people are amazed by him. I am sure it will be a memorable moment if I have the opportunity to hear him speak.