Sunday, July 27, 2008

Human Soup

We spent two hours at the pool the other day which is a personal best for me. See, I'm germophobic and a public pool is the worst offender in my book.

I make myself crazy imagining what micro-organisms are in the water because some stupid parent forgot to put their kid in a swim diaper or didn't notice the swim diaper was leaking. I just know the pool is rife with bodily fluids - one big human soup, if you will - and it's not fun and leisurely to me. It's disgusting. I spend the whole time obsessing about it and worrying endlessly when my kids accidentally drink the pool water.

There are family cabanas where we swim. Cabanas are basically changing areas big enough to accommodate families. Sounds great only the cabanas, like the rest of the pool area, are public and some people are inconsiderate asses.

The first cabana we walked into smelled like sh*t because there was a lovely present of poop right next to the shower area. How thoughtful. The second cabana was slightly better but there is something about wet toilet paper and other people's hair stuck to a bathroom floor that turns my stomach. I can't stand it, but my husband has no issues with it. He easily moves from pool to bathroom, sans pool shoes (ew), without blinking an eye.

He's part fish and loves the pool but just the thought of swimming around in other people's bodily fluids, hair, and wet toilet paper grosses me out. Add in my swim suit self-consciousness and it's an experience I am never anxious to repeat.

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EatPlayLove said...

Eeew. I bailed on a trip to the local outdoor water park today, because I couldn't stand how I looked in my swimsuit. Lame.