Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mother Issues

I don't usually write about my relationship with my mom because it's so ridiculous that I would be writing negative stuff all the time and this blog would devolve into a rant about my mom and how our mother/daughter relationship is seriously screwed up. Today, I'm gonna break my silence.

Mom is a giving person who is usually thoughtful and always genuine to the point of being blunt. Being blunt is not the problem because I would rather hear that my hair looks like a hay bale took a crap on my head, than a false you look fine. The problem with this otherwise lovely human being is she thinks she has a monopoly on my time. As if I don't have a husband and three children with whom I like spending a lot of my time.

And if I want to go on day hike in an area with patchy cell service with my husband and three children without my mother tagging along, then I shouldn't feel a need to explain to her why she wasn't invited and she definitely shouldn't be doling out the silent treatment like she's some petulant teen instead of the fifty-something woman she is. I mean, really people, I've got enough drama in my life between fending off boob grabs and playing referee to three extremely egocentric kiddos. Now I've got to add mama drama to the mix.

Truth be told, the mama drama has always been there because I'm an only child and I have always had to bear the brunt of her moods. But aside from one crazy month where I had to move back home because I blew all my rent money on plane fare to visit my future ex-husband, I have not lived in the same state as my mother since I was 19 years old. Thirteen years of doing our own things and going our own ways and occasionally doing things together. It's a model that works for me. Why change it?

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