Sunday, July 13, 2008

When Owning a House Sucks

I feel like a petulant little kid. I want to go swimming because it's hot and it's Sunday, the very day meant for lazing about and taking things slowly. But, I have a house that needs my attention. Or, more specifically, a backyard that needs another patio, decorative rock and some lawn repair.

100+ temperatures have cooked the grass and left me with brown patches that angrily poke at little bare feet instead of the lush green carpet of grass I had not so long ago. The lawn has to be rejuvenated or, in gardening lingo, rehabilitated. Except I don't feel much like rehabilitating the yard today. I feel like going swimming. I need rejuvenation and I know working in the yard all day under the blistering hot sun, while three kiddos do their best to annoy each other, isn't the answer.


lorra said...

U must go to swimming

LawSchoolMom said...

I should have gone swimming but I worked in the yard instead. I have a sense of accomplishment but the work was tiring and hot.

Hyphen Mama said...

ACK! I feel your pain.

Last night Wynnie insisted we go to the park after dinner. I insisted we stay home and attempt to salvage what little bit of lawn is left by cleaning up the cottonwood tree cotton. I had to explain to her that sometimes we must stay home and do things that keep our home up and running and not falling into a shambles. She didn't buy it.