Sunday, August 10, 2008

Laid Bare

Writing that last post was incredibly difficult. I struggled to write it over two days and I'm still not completely happy with it because it is so personal. It is a snapshot into the double life I used to lead and it presents a side of me that is practically unrecognizable today.

But in that post there was no negative message, no If you take my path, then it will lead you into hell type lecture. I read an article, that sparked a memory, that led me to write, and to pour out my story onto the page.

A few hours ago, I pulled the post but I have since re-published it because the writing of it was so cathartic and I think for a certain person the message, if there is one, will be crystal clear.

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sorel top said...

Thank you for sharing. Our pasts are just as much a part of us as our present and future. It's not their existence that is significant but what we do with them and what we allow them to do to us that matters. You have an understanding and wisdom of an area of life and culture that most people have no clue about. Without encouraging gang-banging, I bet there's wisdom in those experiences that help you as a lawyer and mother.