Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, Hell No

I'm the one who goes to the gym four or five days per week, who punishes her quads and hammies carrying the kid up the mountainside, who works to perfect Warrior II, and who takes every opportunity to squeeze just a little more exercise into her daily routine. I have lost 6 pounds in two weeks.

Madhubby walks .75 miles every day to and from the bus stop in our neighborhood. He hikes with me on the weekends but he does not ever carry the kid in the backpack carrier.* He doesn't practice yoga and the only weights he lifts are named Bubba and Olie. He has lost 12 pounds in two weeks.

What the hell?! Sure, I'm proud of him for making the commitment to lose weight with me and for keeping a Daily Record of Food He Stuffs in His Piehole but, dammit, he's not supposed to outpace me!

*I always volunteer to carry the kid because it's a really good workout.

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sorel top said...

It IS disgusting how they lose weight quicker, isn't it? I think it's the greater muscle mass they have. I'm also annoyed at how my husband can shave, shower and dress before I even have my makeup done. Very annoying.

I pull the 40# three year-old in the burly for the extra exercise too.