Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Procrastination Pays Off

My criminal law professor deserves a big ol' slobbery kiss on the mouth, maybe with a flit of tongue, because he has so earned it. Not only did he end class thirty minutes early but he has saved me the pain of shelling out $150 for a textbook.

He recommended we buy the old edition of the text, if we can find it, because it will "work just fine" for his class. Yeah, the page numbers for cases might not perfectly sync up but other than that, he says, there have been few significant updates to the case book. I trust him. He's been teaching criminal law for longer than I've been alive so I think he's a reliable source.

Of course, there are those eager beavers (as in 99% of the class) who bought the book before school started, so they're out a thick wad of money. But me? I hopped on Amazon and found a "like new" old edition for $5.78. 1-click and I'm out. I even sprung for the expedited shipping because cheap and fast is how I like my textbooks.

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Anonymous said...

ooh yuk yuk. I would not kiss a law prof. Well, that is what they want especially if your a hot female. But the ethics of it all.

And I would not buy a crim law book, check it out at the library.