Monday, August 18, 2008

Thought Bubbles

My first class of the new term just started and I'm not in it. I'm not in the car, weaving through traffic, cursing at slow drivers, frantically searching for a parking spot in the lot the parking gods assigned me. The universe had different plans for me today. Instead:

  • I am relaxing with the only one of my kids who didn't start school today (Olie), putting the finishing touches on a work project, thinking about biking to the coffee shop, or visiting with another friend who has one-third of her kids home today, one of whom is Olie's little friend.
  • I am thinking about my friend in California whose soon-to-be ex-husband just announced that he's moving four hours down the coast to Los Angeles to live with his new girlfriend because "LA is where I need to be." He should have just said "I like pussy more than I like being a daddy to our two-year-old son" because my friend is a smart woman who already knows her ex is a sack of shit. Really, his status can't fall much further with her.
  • I am wondering how Lizzie's first day as a seventh-grader is going and whether those Queen Bitches are back at it again this year. I'm sure they are. The bitchiness only escalates from here on out.
  • I am fantasizing about a weekend trip to Chicago sans family because I'm in a mood that can only be sated by a weekend far, far away from my kids where Madhubby and I can sleep in, have breakfast in bed, eat whenever the mood strikes us, and spend some naked quality time together.
  • I am enjoying the silence of a house that has only one kid in it, even if that kid is waging war between Bionicles™ and dinosaurs, because even a war between prehistoric creatures and robots of the future is delightfully peaceful compared to the usual chaos of my life.

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