Friday, October 17, 2008

3L is 1L Minus the Blind Optimism

So when did 3L start feeling like 1L? It's 12:45am on a Friday and I'm still awake, working on a fucking memo for my advanced writing class, and nursing a Shiner Hefeweizen, which sucks by the way. My ex used to drink Shiner Bock when we lived in Dallas and he usually has pretty good taste in beer, so I thought I'd give the Shiner brew a try because I'm always looking for new beers. Well, I can mark another one off my list.

But this damn memo! Gawd, I've been working on this thing for about 30 hours now. I'm on the rewrite but still it sucks. It refuses to die but come hell or high water (or bad beer), I'm putting this baby to bed by Saturday night. Or at least by NFL Pregame at the very latest.

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