Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Delight

This weekend has been so nice and relaxing. Yesterday, I spent some quality time with a law school girlfriend who graduated a few years ago. She's having her first baby and I'm so excited for her! We went shopping for some stylish maternity clothes (did you know Lucky jeans now has maternity wear?), we had lunch, and made quite a nice day of it. I haven't shopped that much in forever.

Last night, true to my word, I finished my memo. It's good enough and I should get a decent grade on it; I got a B on the rough draft. I reworked it a bit, quickly penned a client advice letter to go with it, and I am calling it done. I'll upload it to TWEN this evening.

Right now my ass is planted on the couch, watching my Sunday shows: The Amazing Race, Cold Case, and The Unit. I'm wide awake, even though I've been up since 3am, because this afternoon Madhubby and I laid down for a three hour siesta. After an hour or so in bed, we were ready for a nap and dozed until dinner time. The kids conked out in their rooms, too. We all awoke refreshed and considerably less cranky; even Madhubby's headache from earlier has completely disappeared. Ah, the power of weekend naps!

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