Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fighting the Flab

I was losing weight at a steady clip, fourteen pounds in four weeks, until - BAM - I hit a weight loss plateau and now I've been stuck at the same weight for the past month. I googled "Busting Through Weight Loss Plateau" and the first hit was a Jillian Michaels article that sent me off in a new direction.

Jillian says: hit the gym hard, reduce sodium and complex carbs, and drink more water to send the number on the scale downward. I took her advice to heart because Jillian has proven that she knows how to make people lose a lot of weight. I filled a 32oz. bottle with water, grabbed my gym bag, and hit the gym where I ran for fifty minutes at a decent pace. I won't be setting any records or anything but I think just going for a run was probably enough to shock my metabolism into burning more calories.

For lunch I had a Tokyo Joe's white chicken bowl with veggies and brown rice. I normally order Teriyaki sauce but I tried the Oyako sauce because I'm limiting my sodium intake. The Oyako sauce was good, not as sticky as Teriyaki, but also not as salty. For dinner, I made chicken enchiladas which are pretty low in sodium; El Pinto's Roasted Green Chile only has 70mg of sodium per 2 Tablespoon.

So far so good. Except for that pint of Cherry Garcia sitting in my freezer. That could be a problem.

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