Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl Talk

Lizzie: Mom ... I have a crush.

Me: (thinking hard about what to say) Oh ... that's great. Is he a nice boy?

Lizzie: Yes, his name is Ryan ____. I sat next to him last year in math class.

Me: So, he's smart?

Lizzie: Yes ... well, I think so. He's in my [advanced] math and [advanced] literature classes.

Me: That probably means he's smart.

Lizzie: Yeah...

Ack! The crush phase has officially begun and - wow - she actually felt comfortable enough to talk to me about it! I must not suck as much as I think at this parenting stuff.

But, gawd, the heartbroken because Ryan was a dickhead or the why do boys act like that? phases are sure to follow and, internet, I have NO idea how I am going to handle those stages of teenage girlhood.


gudnuff said...

How many different ways to shrug are there? Because that's my default fallback reaction, and it's gotta be a disappointing one. Here's hoping you come up with something a bit more debonair than the humble shrug.

Anonymous said...

I have a 10 year old so I'm relying on you to survive this because I will not have a single clue on what to do!

gudnuff said...

You know, the old, "Screw 'em, you're way better than them anyway" always cheers me up. Of course, you'll need to clean it up a bit for the tween. As parents, I'm thinkin' we're in a lose-lose situation on these matters. Do you know anybody who just LOOOOVED the advice their parents gave them about this stuff?