Friday, January 2, 2009

Travel Plans

In 2009, Madhubby and I plan to travel more. A lot more. Last year, we took one, quick weekend vacation. This year, we plan to take at least four vacations.

Family Vacation. We are going to Aspen for the ESPN Winter X Games. We went last year but it was a very quick trip. This time we're making a long weekend of it. The kids will ski, we might ski, and we will have a nice, relaxing time of it. Oh, and enjoy some kick-ass skiing and snowboarding events, too.

Couples Weekend. We planned to attend the New Orleans Jazz Fest, but my mother has put the fear of Louisianians in me so those plans are on hold while we look for an alternate destination. I suggested Oahu. Madhubby suggested Cooperstown. Clearly, we are not on the same page.

Romantic Getaway. Madhubby has taken a week off in May for a post-graduation/ninth anniversary vacation. I would love to spend that week in Taos, New Mexico, but Taos doesn't appeal to Madhubby. Vacation plans are pending while we research other locales.

Small Family Vacation. We are taking a two week vacation abroad. We will visit Germany, France, and (maybe) The Netherlands. My ex-mother-in-law (FIL's second ex-wife), is coming out to take care of the children while we are away, but we are considering taking Lizzie with us.

Lizzie will be thirteen, she speaks French, and she is not a finicky eater like her siblings; the ability to eat different cuisines is an asset and, I think, probably requisite for enjoyable international travel.

It's exciting! I'm looking forward to visiting other places and 2009 should be a fun, travel filled year for us. Where will you go this year?

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