Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turning Back Time

This is a guest post from Tory, a fellow law school mom and blogger. This post is cross-posted on Tory's blog, Tory's Trials of Life and Law School.

The end of another long week has finally come to a close. The minutes turn into hours so very quickly. Where did the days go where I longed to turn the clock ahead? I awake almost everyday to my daughter letting me know that she is going to be late for school, again, which in turn means I am going to be running late for work, again. It is a fact that I have come to accept. The extra 10 minutes of sleep, when averaging 5 hours of sleep per night, after putting in an 16 to 18 day of work and school, can feel like an eternity.

This was a pretty eventful week. The copyright infringement research continued and continues. I am finally beginning to understand what in the world my professor is looking for with regards to this persuasive trial memo. However, that was not before spending half and hour in her office on Wednesday where I went in stating, "If I had to write this today, I truly would fail." Generally, I am not one to go to the professors unless it is a last resort, and this was a last resort. Guidance was required. Because I was not the only one feeling this way, I let her in on this small detail. Group assignments in class are great but not always beneficial, we can socialize on our own time. Again, we, as a group, need guidance. We are not lawyers, we are 1L's who have no idea what Point Headings are. So needless to say she deemed me delegate for the class. That's fine. We had two very beneficial classes to finish the week off.

Additionally, with our Annotated Outline due this Friday night at 11pm, I thought my position as class delegate might come in handy. This weekend is a long weekend, so no school or work on Monday and seeing as I don't want to stay up until all hours of the night tonight or tomorrow after work throwing together an outline, I began to practice my persuasive argument tactics. It worked. I successfully argued my point of having her extend out assignment deadline to Monday at 6pm. Throwing in an argument of sick children, having to work, and having an extra weekend to really focus on preparing a quality outline did the trick (even when I was faltering, I argued I was willing to give up my few extra credit points, which in the end I did not even have to give up). Time is of the essence. I need all the time I can get at this point. First case won for the class as a whole.

This semester I am also taking Property and Civil Procedure. On Monday, we had our first Property quiz. While I tried over the weekend to find the time to study, I found myself memorizing the twenty practice quiz questions and answers our professor had given us. Knowing that three of the ten quiz questions would come from that quiz my logic for this quiz was based on the fact that I would get at least three correct answers. How in the world was I ever going to understand and apply the Rule Against Perpetuities? I had given up and was crossing my fingers that "B" had to do something because at that point all I really knew was that "B" could not do something 21 years after his own death. All in all I did surprising well, missing only one question. One in which had nothing to do about "the life of A" "the heirs of B" or Greenacre, Blueacre, or any freaking color acre at all......

Civil Procedure is the class that I will be teaching myself this semester. So, any suggestions for good supplements would be greatly appreciated. While my professor is unbelievable and a highly respected attorney, he is a storyteller. He has been counse to and tried extremely interesting cases and while it makes class interesting, I have yet to figure out any hard line rules at this point. Somewhere in my notes it mentions diversity, jurisdiction, and venue but I know that I am missing a lot at this point. However, tonight as class was ending, the professor gave me his rose (it was valentine's night at school). Not sure why, but the gesture and thought was wonderfully unexpected.

So, my plans for the long weekend. While, I did previously mention I was going to be first in line at the library on Sunday. I think I am changing my plans again. I am starting it now, by going to watch my one hour of TV for the week (Grey's), then I am going to stay in my pj's all weekend, spend some time with the kids and my husband, have a nice valentine's dinner compliments of Omaha Steaks, and study from the confines of my own study room at home, and even try to squeeze in a much needed nap in the hammock out by the pool)....

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