Monday, February 9, 2009

Change of Scenery

This is a guest post from Tory, a fellow law school mom and blogger. This post is cross-posted on Tory's blog, Tory's Trials of Life and Law School.

So, I think it is important to give a little insight as to who I am prior to bombarding you with the trials of my life and law school adventures. I am a first year, second semester, evening student and a full time paralegal for a small law firm where I have worked for the past ten years. Additionally, I am a mother of two wonderful children, who are 13 and 4, and the wife to the most amazing and supportive husband around.

So that being said there is very little time to study and prepare myself for the school week ahead. Sunday is "my full day" to do with it what I please. Usually that means I hit the library at 10am when the doors open and leave when the shut the lights off at 12am. However, today, with the sun finally shining, I though a change of scenery was in order. I woke my husband up at 9:30am and asked him to get me down the beach chair, asked my daughter if I could borrow her "nap time" pillow and kissed my sleeping son good-bye, who asked if he could have sushi for lunch. Sure I said quickly, ask your dad to add it to the grocery list. I was going to the beach, armed with a ton copyright cases and statutes that still needed to be read so that I could put together a case synthesis chart that is due at the beginning of the week. There was just no way I was going to be able to focus today in that small little study cubby reading about the four factors of fair use. I decided that being at the beach all day I would at some point need lunch. I made a quick stop at Publix for a sub and a bottle of water and was facing the ocean by 11am. By 2ish I had read almost all of the cases and decided it was time for lunch. Not more than two seconds after pulling half of my sandwich out of the wrapper I was attacked by a flock of seagulls who literally took the entire half of my sandwich out of my hands. So needless to say, I quickly wrapped up my other half of the sandwich and ate it in the confines of my car later. I continued on with my reading, quickly learning that the counsel for Two Live Crew's copyright infringement case is actually my Civil Procedure professor. Interesting. As the sun started to fade and I began to pack up my things I was approached by a gentleman from Costa Rica, who I think if I wasn't married, would have asked me to be his wife. I really am not all that overly friendly and am not sure why people feel the constant need to talk to me. The glow that I had about me today, I later discovered was not a glow of radiance, but of sunburn. Clearly, I forgot my sunscreen and I am sure at this point I would glow in the dark. So, now, as I sit in my favorite study cubby, procrastinating completing my case synthesis chart, I have discovered that maybe changes of scenery do not always work out for the best. Next Sunday at 10am I will be first in line for my favorite study cubby.


gudnuff said...

Love this entry. Seagulls are crazy aggressive, aren't they?

Catherine said...

The seagulls are perhaps a good analogy to lawyers? You should have filed a civil tort against them...