Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Staying On Track

Blogging has been getting short shrift lately but I vow to be better about it and to make an effort to blog on a more regular basis. My life is no busier than the other law school moms but I have a personal saturation level and I have reached it. That means something has to fall by the wayside. Blogging, and all my other hobbies, are the obvious choices. 

I am working a lot and still making the networking rounds; I currently serve on several bar association committees, one of which I chair. I know it is a bit excessive, but I think my networking is necessary for building my reputation in the legal community. 

Plus, I have been fighting a cold for the last month or so. Zinc lozenges are keeping it from completely leveling me but lack of sleep and food (I often forget to pack my lunches on long school/work days) are leaving me feeling rundown. I am one cold virus away from a meltdown but I still squeeze in time at the gym. 

Thank goodness for those weekly workouts, wine, and, um, "quality" time with my husband. That trio of goodness is helping my stress levels. Now, all I need to do is hold it together for a few more weeks (six to be exact) and I am home free. Graduation here I come! 

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Ms. Latina on a Mission said...

You are an inspiration! You're going to law school, with kids, a husband, a job, AND also blogging, networking, and serving on different bar associations, whew I'm getting tired just writing it! Anywho, I wanted to say congrats on your graduation! You are one very determined woman and right now you are inspiring me to go back to school LOL Thank you!