Monday, April 27, 2009

Black & Gold

Living in a college town has its perks. Over the weekend, we attended the CU Spring Game with some friends. The day was overcast and chilly. It was raining by the time the game began but we had a great time because our friends had suite seats.

Balch Fieldhouse was packed with fans and CU athletes. Olie was psyched to meet some of the female athletes like the soccer goalie from the CU team and some of the women basketball players. We even chatted with K-Mac and her son for a bit. Olie and her little girlfriend got autographs from the football players and we got lots of schwag* like metal water bottles, CU caps, and footballs. We all got into it when the band came through the field house playing the CU Fight Song (which I still do not know).

The family had a great time even though it was the "game" was little more than a scrimmage between the offense and the defense. We spent most of the game inside the suite where it was dry and warm, noshing on food, watching the Nuggets-Hornets game on one of the numerous television sets, all the while keeping an eye on the football game.

It was a fun outing that has us excited for the upcoming football season. Sure, the home team hasn't done well in past years but we will still go to pep rallies down on Pearl. And, of course, we will always tease Colorado State, Wyoming, and Nebraska fans even during times when they have more reason to brag than we do.

*The promise of free stuff is usually all that is necessary to lure me to an event.

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