Monday, April 27, 2009

Haiku #12

Four twenty-seven
Four inches of fluffy snow
Where is my spring sun?

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Catherine said...

I like your Haiku.

I've been talking to Lawyers, studying for the LSAT, and looking in to Law Schools for fall of 2010.

In the back of my mind, I'm inspired by you. You've done this and lived through it. So can I.

I have a question about jobs though. I've heard Seattle is saturated with lawyers and Monster doesn't have many job postings and the ones it has are 5-10 yrs of experience.

How do you get a job out of law school? Do you have to carve your own way to get on with a firm? I'm worried about spending $100k on school and then being unemployed. I would be a great trial lawyer though and would love to actually do something that's extremely high stress and/or chaotic. I can't be in the majority there, can I? I'm coming out of years of sales, but it wouldn't make sense to do something that would corner me into unemployment.