Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Working It My Way

I always write about how family friendly my law firm is but that's a general statement that really tells you nothing about firm policy. At my firm, family friendly means:
  • Minimum billing requirements are only 1500 hours per year or 30 hrs/wk
  • I can work wherever and whenever I like as long as I get my work done. That means when my kids are home from school or on break (like they were last week) I can stay at home too. If I don't feel like going into the office, then I don't have to just as long as I am available via Blackberry. 
The philosophy at the firm is "work hard." It's simple and it works. In the future, I will have client meetings and court appearances so working from home will be more difficult but not impossible. The important thing is I have the option and that makes work almost ... fun. 


Catherine said...

In hindsight, are you glad you went to law school and have a flexible career even with all the debt? I still think it would be a great career for me, but I do realize that it's a lot of money and time and might not pay off. It seems like you're happy. I live in Seattle and it seems like this area is highly saturated with lawyers. I don't know...

LawSchoolMom said...

Catherine, I like having a challenging career that is flexible but the debt load really bothers me. My monthly student loan payments will be twice my mortgage payment. It's frightening.

I think the term "pay off" is relative. It depends on your goal. My goal was to make enough money to pay my student loans and buy Colorado Rockies season tickets. I've met that goal, so I feel okay about my choice.

In hindsight, If I had stayed in my previous profession, I would be making about the same amount of money as I am now with very little debt. I try not to think about that.