Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back From the Break

This is a guest post from Tory, a fellow law school mom and blogger. This post is cross-posted on Tory's blog, Tory's Trials of Life and Law School

So, tonight I was reminded that I have a blog to maintain. Yes, that is true, however, I was on Spring Break, which means anything school related was also on a break.

Spring break came and went so fast. The kids, my husband, and I flew out to Park City, Utah on the 27th of February, which now seems a distant memory captured by pictures. With school being so hectic up until the night prior to leaving, I somehow managed to not get any packing done until that night. So, this meant no sleep, a 6:30am departure flight, and an old woman, who thought she had an interesting life sitting behind us, talking for the ENTIRE five hours. So, those $125 BOSE noise cancelling headphones that I so didn't think I wanted for Christmas came in excellent use and I actually got in a few hours of sleep. 

On a side note, I would suggest and recommend these to anyone looking to drown out the sound of anything, from Spongebob at 7:30 on a weekend evening when you are attempting to get some studying done, to a snoring husband, and especially to a noisy neighbor, be it in the library or on a plane.

Our trip in Park City was pleasant. While I know we were all a little disappointed that we did not see any falling snow, the kids and my husband had a blast snowboarding and skiing. I enjoyed the spa. On a second side note, I would suggest and recommend that anyone who has been contemplating getting a hot stone massage to get one. I was in heaven for all of an hour and a half, no headphone required.

While I had every intention of updating my outlines, making note cards, and getting ahead on my second trial memo during the break, I even had my own carry on suitcase dedicated solely to my school books and notebooks, it pretty much sat untouched in the corner of the hotel room. Rather, I enjoyed the time with the kids and my husband, despite some of the bickering, it was amazing to have six full days of them all to myself. From watching them learn to ski, to hearing of their snowboarding adventures to the top of the mountain, to eating breakfast with them every morning, to having a "daughter day" where we went to the bead store to make bracelets and then had ice cream for lunch, and to seeing them all fall asleep after a long day, was exactly what I needed.

The break extended from Thursday through Sunday of this past week, again with the intentions of "getting ahead." However, that was interrupted by a sick baby girl, who landed in the hospital yesterday, with a violent stomach virus, requiring medication and two bags of fluids. 

Then after a day in the ER, the evening was spent doing 7th grade projects with my son, who like me, leaves everything for the last minute, meaning 8pm to 12am. Today, was spent trying to get the little one to eat something but as she says it best, "My stomach just won't let me." Half a dinosaur chicken nugget later I had given up all hope. However, the seven loads of laundry finally got finished and all put away and an upcoming 5th birthday party planned.

Tonight, it was back to school, exhausted from my "break" with the hopes that I didn't get called on. I was completely amazed by one of my professors tonight, who simply said for our trial memos, to just go ahead and take a Supreme Court ruling and reverse it to mean the opposite. Just make sure we take out the first part of the sentence "According to the Supreme Court." Seriously? If in real life, an attorney could just take a Supreme Court ruling and reverse it to her favor, well wouldn't she win every time? Last time I checked, the Supreme Court was the highest authority and well, she completely left me speechless. 

At least Property ended almost 30 minutes early and I was home with enough time to have a bowl of cereal and study a little for tomorrow's "non-credit" mid-term essay. Why I opted into a non-credit class when my GPA was well above the requirement is now beyond me. Well, that professor at least is gearing us for "real life" practice and what is an hour of the week when all my free time is spent at school anyhow.

Not sure where this week will lead, but it is back to work tomorrow. Of course, I probably will be late, as this time change has thrown me off, not that I sleep much, but the extra hour stolen from my life is something I would gladly take back. Then back to the normal routine, work, school, library til midnight, home, sleep, do it all again.....

For them, it is all worth it.......

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