Monday, May 18, 2009

Anniversary Failure

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary. Our original plan for a romantic day: catch an early movie, lunch at The Med, and enjoy a nooner before grabbing the kids from school.

What really happened: spend two hours at the Subaru dealership getting our wonky car aligned, sweat at the gym for another hour while watching Law & Order, rush home to shower, rush to get the kids from school, stop at Nordstrom on the way home and buy two pairs of shoes for Olie, scarf down hot dogs for dinner, and prepare a math practice exam for Lizzie.

We are holding out hope that we can slip away to an early movie but right now: It's not looking good. Our kids are throwing bingo chips at each other and engaged in a tearful screaming match about who really won the Dora Bingo showdown. Damn you reality, the nemesis of hopeful parents everywhere!

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gudnuff said...

Love this post! So true. So real. And it had "nemesis" in it!