Monday, May 18, 2009

The End of the (Law School) Road

Law school is unofficially over for me. I write "unofficially" because there is a chance I could fail a class and be stuck taking a lousy summer class. I don't believe that will happen but fate has a funny way of kicking me in the ass.

Commencement happened this past weekend and it was a little bit of crazy mixed with a whole lot of perspiration. Man, those robes are hot! Combine that with an hour of standing in the procession line and a lot of people - men and women - were wishing they had gone commando under that darn thing. The only interesting thing about the robe was the hood, but once I was hooded the robe looked like the biggest, most obnoxious hoodie ever known to man.

Later, the law school held a reception and they had the gall to serve some busted down mini quiches that you can get from any Target or Costco. For a $130,000 I expected better food than boxed quiches and some kool-aid punch. Seriously, I may have to donate to the law school just so future graduates can have something better than warehouse food.

The party at my house was jumping though. We served our guests baby back ribs, hot dogs, and hamburgers with all the fixings and generous sides. We lit the fire bowl, played volleyball, and had a very nice good time with friends and family.

On Sunday, the realization that I am finally done* with law school hit me and I took a three hour nap to celebrate. It was the best sleep I've had in years. To all of you still in law school, especially the parents out there, keep going. The nap at the end is SO worth it!

*Again, unofficially done with law school


sorel top said...

Congrats! Now the next hurdle exam. Sorry to burst your post-law school buzz bubble!!

Always_Chasing_Justice said...

Congrats! And I am looking forward to that 3 hour nap. I'm a law student & parent as well. :-)