Thursday, May 21, 2009

California Dreaming

I had high hopes that my post-bar exam trip would be abroad. Well, our budget screamed in outrage until I gave in and planned something cheaper. So, instead, we will head to California's Central Coast for five days.

It's not Germany but I am still excited! I have only been to California once. I went to Los Angeles on business when I was seven months pregnant with Olie. All I remember about LA is how spread out the city seemed and that I loathed my boss who was also my travel companion. My time there was so unpleasant that I never seriously thought about vacationing in California.

But, when my best friend from high school generously offered Madhubby and I her home - which happens to be just across Highway 1 and minutes from the ocean - I couldn't say no. Seriously, I can hear waves crashing on the beach if she's on her deck while we are talking on the phone.

Already, I am predicting a huge improvement over my last trip to California. This time, I can just lay on the beach all day and not worry two bits about how crowded the 405 is or wonder which crappy restaurant my boss will choose for dinner each night.

So far, our big plans are to get all touristy in San Francisco (we've never been there), enjoy a baseball game at Pacific Bell Park, visit Hearst Castle, hike Big Sur, explore a vineyard or two, and play on the beach. Anything else that should be on our list? I am all ears, cursor, and blank space over here.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where you'll be, but Monterey is very cool. I grew up on the central coast (Santa Cruz) and in the Bay Area.
I hope you have a *wonderful* trip - it really is beautiful. Plus, the beaches up here aren't as crowded as those near LA!

LawSchoolMom said...

We will be in Cayucos but Monterey seems close enough for a day trip. We will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip!

Aludra said...

When/if you go to "The City" you should definitely take sweaters and wear long pants.
My husband and I were visiting my aunt in San Jose for a month and when it was really hot, they had free rides into The City, so we went. In shorts. It was so cold. So learn from my mistake, and Mark Twain's revelation "The coldest winter I ever had was my summer in San Francisco".
Enjoy your vacation, the waves sound nice!