Friday, May 5, 2006

Law School

I've known for awhile that I hate law school. Yet, I keep registering semester after semester with the best intentions. Usually, by the third week of classes I've withdrawn because the whole thing that is law school is a life-sucking beast. The people are insipid and the material is mind crushingly awful. Who cares whether the fox belongs to that guy because this guy shot the fox while that guy was chasing it?! Law students forced into Property class are supposed to care. But, I don't and I never have.

And, recently, the gods spoke to me via the law school Registrar. A required-must-take-next-semester class for which I had registered was cancelled. My whole schedule was fucked up by one trite e-mail: "Sorry, we meant to stick the broomstick sideways in your ass. Have a great semester!"

There has got to be a better and more fun way to make crazy money that does not involve porn or Scalia.

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